Eglinton Crosstown

Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line A Net Benefit for the Midtown Office Market

Site of LRT Stations Entrance with 2200 Yonge Street in the Background
LRT Construction on the TTC Lands Yonge and Eglinton

Occupants of office space in Toronto’s Midtown office concentration and particularly within the Eglinton Office Node are bellyaching about the traffic congestion and unsightly construction sites dotted along the streetscape of Eglinton from Yonge Street in both directions. In 2011, Metrolinx began construction west of the predominant office density that is centred on Yonge Street over the existing Yonge Subway Line, laying infrastructure to tunnel under Eglinton Avenue West from the western end of the project west of Keele Street.

Metrolinx is the public entity shouldered with the task of executing the overall plan for expanding public transit in the Province of Ontario that is being referred to as “The Big Move”, a $50 Billion capital commitment that will improve the integrated transit system that services the Greater Toronto Area. Eglinton Crosstown represents more than $5 Billion of that amount being invested as part of The Big Move.

Only this year has this massive construction project seriously interrupted the normal business of tenants in office buildings contained within a few blocks in any direction of the intersection of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue East/West. General sentiment is “it’s not that bad” considering the huge improvement in service that will be the end result. Travel times from home-to-office may be cut in half for some commuters, and some office workers at Yonge & Eglinton may choose public transit over the automobile to travel to and from the office.

Capacity of an LRT vehicle is over 160 persons, compared to a bus, which is less than 50 persons. The average speed traveling on the Eglinton Crosstown will approach 30 kph. This is faster than subway in urban areas but slower than subway in the suburbs.

Current construction sites close to Yonge and Eglinton are: Eglinton Avenue East 1. East of Yonge Street, 2. East of Bayview and 3East of Brentcliffe and on Eglinton Avenue West are: 4. East of Chaplin.

Further details are available on Metrolinx website:


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